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US Beef Cincinnati — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
March 4, 2014

U.S. Beef is committed to providing the highest quality meats and seafood to our customers, while providing the best customer service at affordable wholesale price. All U.S. Beef products are USDA inspected and approved.

Incident date: March 4, 2014


Sharon Jean
November 9, 2015
This company is a total rip off, they also took advantage of my Dad, 80 years old, lives in a trailer park. The salesman said he had a delivery somewhere & they couldn’t take it, so he would give my Dad a great deal, plus he said he would throw in a new freezer, (which was rusted & dented), my Dad then had a stroke & I’m his daughter & when I came to his house the freezer wasn’t working, & it was 98 degrees outside where the freezer was on my dads patio & the meat was rotten & the freezer was full of maggots. I am totally disgusted with this company, I also have called, said someone would call me back, & of course no call, & left message in website. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED………
July 3, 2015
On January 24 we had an unannounced sales call from a Scott Traum who presented himself as sales manager of US Beef Cincinnati. He was anxious to sell two cases of steak left over from a cancelled delivery. He offered an attractive price, made the sale and left us a photocopy of the US Beef brochure. As an elderly couple we re-thought the need for that much meat and sought to return it as the brochure said we could. We were unable to get a response from US Beef despite a phone call and emails on 1/25 and again on February 15th – we were out of town for a week. Worse, from our point of view the one steak we sampled after no responses was a questionable quality. So, we are out of pocket for $300 and have too much tough meat taste like shit. We would like to exchange the steaks for a refund of $300.00
June 9, 2015
I was visited by salesman named Shawn and he told me that the steaks he was trying to sell were 2 dollars a piece and that there were 70 steaks in one box. he had 2 boxes plus 16 hamburger patties in each box. he said the total would be 348 dollars. well after he left i counted what he gave me and it was only half of what he said. try calling them and was fortunate to get a hold of someone who said the manager would call me back of which it has not happened. i want a refund of half of the 348 dollars. I want a refund of 174 dollars
May 21, 2015
This company is full of FRAUD!!! I ordered one time, back in December 2013, I remember cause my granddaughter was born that day. He talked me into way too much, and then charged me 338$. He promised to bring me back a ham for Christmas, and snow crab legs, never got either… this week 1.5 years later, there is a charge on my acct for 338$ once again!!…I would NEVER buy from them again. CS sucks, their meat is awful and now this charge on my account. I am calling the bank tomorrow AM to get this taken care of… NEVER LET THEM IN YOUR HOME…. keep the door shut. They will use your credit card over and over and over……..
May 5, 2015
I had a van stop at my house in the country and they pushed very hard to sell the meat that they were showing me. I should have known better. I fell for it and did the worst payment possible also, cash. I did get a receipt after he almost left without giving me one but I doubt it is going to be enough to get my money back with all the other complaints I am reading. I have called and actually talked to Krista who is supposed to be the complaints representative and she told me to eat another kind to see if it was just a bad batch of meat in that box. I tried the hamburgers and got half grease running out of them and the taste was not very favorable. Since this I have called the company back a half dozen times and left messages to call me back and guess what……no one ever does. What a scam and super bad customer service to boot. I will spread the word as much as possible so no one else can be frustrated and get scammed like so many others of us have been. Too bad this company can’t be put out of business.
Karan Days
May 5, 2015
I have always been skeptical of door to door sales but I fell for this one. Buying beef and chicken from U.S. Beef of Cincinnati was my big mistake. I viewed the meat and didn’t really think it looked too bad but the first steaks I cooked were so tough and grissly I couldn’t even finish it. I called and they said to try more to see if this was just a bad batch of steaks. I tried another and had the same result. I have been trying to call the office back and they will not return calls or will they answer the phone. What a scam! I will never do this again nor will I stop calling and trying to get my money back. They should be put out of business with this many complaints against them. Why can’t the police or someone stop this from happening to innocent people.
April 9, 2015
I had a salesman with US Beef come to my house February 5, 2015. He told me he had just delivered meat to the house across the street, but had too much and wanted to get rid of it “at cost.” He told me it was grass-fed organic beef, and believing this, the price he gave me seemed very reasonable. I paid $348 for two boxes of meat, and he threw in a cheesecake as a “gift.” He had me write the check out to him personally. After he left, I spoke to my neighbors and none had purchased this meat from this company. In addition, after trying the meat, it is clearly not grass-fed organic and really makes me concerned about what I am eating. My husband has severe allergies and I worry about his health after eating this. I am also breastfeeding our newborn son, and am very cautious about what I put in my body. I am appalled that this salesperson lied about this being grass-fed organic, and about my neighbors purchasing the product. I never would have bought this without these misrepresentations. This is fraud. I tried to cancel the check, but I was too late. After doing some research, I saw a lot of complaints about US Beef Cincinnati on Complaints Bureau website, I would like to return the unused portion of the meat and the cheesecake. Unfortunately, after being lied to, I do not trust this company’s product, especially when it is something to be consumed.
October 29, 2014
Two salesmen, Jeffrey Tucker and Scott Traum came to our house started out very nice. We were promised all kinds of things. They don’t even have enough courtesy to return your call or even acknowledge that you called them. Thanks to these guys they sold us 50 lbs of bad pork. We made a deal and they never held up on their end so the pork is bad. Beware if US Beef pull in your drive, they will only lie to you. Finish the job and replace the cash. You need to get more responsible employees that take their job serious and stop taking advantage of innocent people and more pride in their company name.
October 9, 2014
I am trying to returned the products for a complete refund. I bought it on Saturday the 3rd of October.
August 28, 2014
I am an ex-employee exposing US Beef Cincinnati LLC scams and fraud, because this is the scam that we are taught from start to finish when becoming an employee for them. Criminal gangs trading in unfit meat have made millions of dollars by duping unsuspecting people and even your own neighbors!!! They have their son “Brandon Traum” and we go out late at night to slaughterhouse factorys to get in there dumpsters to get out millions of pounds of meat that is bad and rotten. They take the meat and clean it and they soak the rotten meat in pigs blood and repackage it for resale. Driving around from door to door selling the rotten meat to the streets and conning the public into buying diseased meat, The meat truck scam is based on convincing you that circumstances have conspired to give you a great deal, and creating a sense of urgency so that you make a decision before you’ve had time to think about it. It’s no different from the “leftover asphalt” scam or others straight out of the con man box. 99% of the time you should assume that a door-to-door salesman is a crook. You can pretty much guarantee that anyone coming to your door and offering you a good deal because they were already working in the neighborhood is a scammer. As others have noted, it is done to create a sense of urgency and to cover up the fact that they are just going door-to-door cold calling, and to give the impression that your neighbor trusts the workmanship/goods/service so you should too. Infected meat does not necessarily look rotten or otherwise decayed, it can and has killed people. If meat has been frozen and then thawed out, it should never be refrozen. If this is what has been sold to you at the door then you might not live to regret it. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!! When they try their sales pitch and tell you that the meat is 100% USDA, let it be known, the U.S. Inspection sticker is actually registered to a company in the state of Texas!!!!!!!!!!! And once, we picked up a dead deer on the side of the road and Brandon was so excited and kept repeating…the flies will go away and we’ll use pig juice and packaging…no one will ever know…pig juice and packaging… There domain name is new just open on august 15, 2013 I CHOOSE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS FOR FEAR OF RETRIBUTION BY THIS CRIMINAL SYNDICATE, US Beef Cincinnati LLC. What I did for the owners and their son is something I’m certainly not proud of and was finally forced to leave after being made aware of several tainted, beef-related deaths. Many more cases of MADCOW BEEF related illnesses were being reported in areas they serviced and although everyone has to work and take care of their families, it got to the point that I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. This is reported in the hope that more unsuspecting families won’t have to suffer the health consequences and expense of dealing with rotten meat products and associated healthcare costs. The final straw for me was when I learned of my mother-in-law’s cousin being in the hospital for gastro-intestinal poisoning due to tainted beef and I was suddenly being questioned about what I knew….and didn’t know about the company I worked for… I am god -fearing man, and maybe someday god will forgive me for my role in dealing with I’m so sorry for all the victims and their families
Kenny Smith
August 18, 2014
Salesmen from US Beef Cincinnati showed up at our front door on a Saturday afternoon while my wife and children were home alone. Salesmen did a good job presenting product to my wife and she called me since we make decisions together. Salesmen told my wife, “If you call your husband he will say ‘no”.” I told my wife I was uncomfortable and was reading lot bad reviews online at Upset Consumers. We agreed not to go forward. The salesmen continued to pitch to my wife and knocked off even more money and asked my wife to reconsider since this was his “last stop” and he wanted to get home to family. She agreed and purchased $229 worth of meat. Afterwards her and I began to search out more reviews on Upset Consumers and found out how poor the product was – causing illness to many people. I immediately called the salesman who told me he was at another customer’s home. (Even though he had told my wife she was his last stop.) I was upset and demanded a refund, understandably he responded with his own frustrations, telling me my wife was “a responsible adult who made a good choice.” After speaking with him, I called my credit card company to try and stop the charge. It was too late. In fact, they told me it was registered as a “partial payment” – this concerned me. Next, I called US Beef Cincinnati only to get their voicemail. Monday morning (48 hours later) I received a call from US Beef Cincinnati. They understood my concern and consented to pick up the product either later in the day, or more likely the next day. I received another call back from a rep who wanted to “make sure” I wanted to return the product. I told him I did and he said he would call back an hour later to schedule a pick up time. 2 days later, on Wednesday, I called and left a voicemail telling them what was going on and that I was getting upset. 2 more days went by and on Friday I left a final voicemail at 9am that was returned a few hours later. Now I was talking to the “Joey Traum” who said we would have a rep at our house the next day for pick up. She assured me it would be the #1 stop of the day and that the sales rep would call me at 10:30am to give me a time of pick up. The next day came, I did not receive a phone call at 10:30am. Finally, I called at 11:30am and she told me that he would be there in 40 minutes. About an hour later he showed up, his partner got out of the truck and helped me pack up the meat. I told him I was not confident in the product because of online reviews at Upset Consumers, he told me most reviews are “disgruntled employees” – for the record, I am not a disgruntled employee, just a husband who was upset at this whole situation. I will say that I DID try one of the burgers and found it to be fatty and inedible. Still to this day they came and picked up there product but never refunded my money back on my wifes credit card.
Kent C
July 1, 2014
A solicitor from US Beef Cincinnati came to my door selling beef and chicken for “$3 per pound”. After I had purchased the meat and the solicitor had left I examined the meat to find that it was in fact over $9 per pound. They have a written policy that states that if you send them a letter within the next 3 business days of the purchase of meat sold by a solicitor and you return the merchandise in its unopened original packaging they will provide a full refund. I sent in the letter, they have admitted that I deserve a refund, but they have dodged me and refused to schedule a pick-up of the meat for over 3 months now. At one point they agreed that I could drive up to their headquarters on Saturday from 12 noon to 1pm and they would be there to collect the meat and issue me a refund check. My wife and I made the 70 minute drive and were in their parking lot from 11:50am until 1:10pm and they never showed up. Since then they have intentionally avoided my calls and when I have contacted them they have told me that they were sending me a check in the mail. They claim to have sent two checks, both of which were mysteriously “lost in the mail”. They have yet to schedule a pickup of the meat. I just want these people to come pick up the meat that they lied to me about and issue me a refund like they claim they will in their own paperwork!
Joel Osteen
June 12, 2014
My 88 year old father whos on a fixed income was home by himself for a couple of hours a couple of months ago. I had went to the Grocery store and do a few other errands. When I got home, he told me a company called U.S. Beef, a company out of Cincinnati Ohio had come by the house with a freezer on the back of their pick-up truck. They told him they had a great deal on some steaks, and that they only had one more case left. They said that they would give dad the case for half price, since it was the only box that they had left. Well dad thought it was a great deal, so he went ahead and bought the meat. He told me he was wanting to have one of the T bone steaks of theirs for his dinner that night, I cooked him one, and after he finished eating it he collasped. I immediately called 911, and dad was rushed to the hospital unconsious. Dad was in a coma for 3 months, I told the doctors that dad was perfectly fine before he had collasped, they told me that dad had food poisining, and that he may not ever come out of his coma. Dad finally came out of the coma after 3 months, but he had bad side effects from the whole thing. He has lost most of his motor skills, and now he’s confined to a wheel chair. When I checked the case of meat that he bought all the meat in the case was spoiled. Do not have anything to do with U.S. Beef if they come to your door trying to sell you any of their spoiled meats, I am very lucky that my dad had not died from the meat that these ass holes sold him.
June 9, 2014
My husband Frank and I bought from this company on November 19th 2013. We purchased five cases of meat. At around 11:00 a.m. on Monday November the 19th two men in casual clothing knocked on my door. We live in on house so this was fairly an unusually time to have visitors. I answered the door to two men named Scott and Josh who told me they worked for the company “US Beef Cincinnati.” They went on to tell me my neighbors sent them over to my house because my “neighbor friends” didn’t want their box of specialty meats. I quote neighbor friends being I just moved here and knew absolutely no one so that did raise my eyebrow a bit. To continue, they came into my home and showed me their selection, being very pushy, box by box. We ended up buying 600$ worth of bad meat. The guys left and I continued my business in my home until I received a call from a Dayton police officer making me aware they are solicitors on a bad meat poison installation, which is against the law, and not to buy from them. That same night I followed the instructions given to me by Scott and Josh on thawing and cooking the meat. My husband and I both had landed up in the hospital for 2 days for SEVERE food poisoning. I had tried for several weeks to contact the business owner and never could get a working phone number. I managed to get a working number on November the 31th 2013. I spoke with a woman named Joey Traum told us that she did not own US Beef Cincinnati. and her business partner “Jeffrey Tucker” had robbed her blind and she could not help me or give me my money back for this bad meat. She told me that Jeffrey Tucker was the owner and we need to sue him not her. But I want to alert others to know this company is complete fraud.
Sally Rose
May 18, 2014
The police came and ordered him to stay off our property and not come back. The proprietor came to our home ringing the door bell constantly for 5 minutes to harass us. The police had to be called to remove him. Our family was approached by the proprietor who was selling steaks off of his pick up truck. We did not have funds at the time, he said this was just fine and he only needed a form of address verification. We gave him a voided out check in the amount of $325 with no signature and not addressed to anyone. He then delivered meat that was past the due date on the packages. We refused to pay for this meat and he came and picked it up. Then he started harassing our elderly mother demanding payment. He showed up at our home and rang the doorbell constantly without pause, the police had to be called to remove him. He was extremely irate and demanded payment citing the original check which he had now inserted his name and added a signature. We ordered him off our property and he refused. The police came and ordered him to stay off our property and not come back.
Ray Perkins
April 17, 2014
US Beef Cincinnati LLC Phone 513-682-4858 sold me bad meat. Called to get exchange, because they will not refund money. Never called back. The pamphlet shows they scratched out the last two digits on their date that was on the meat pack. The only other phone number written on the pamphlet is 513-682-4858. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Jay Smith
April 15, 2014
U.S. Beef left a horrible taste in my mouth; both physically and due to their poor business practices. After buying a family pack of assorted beef for around $170 I cooked a couple to try then out and was absurdly disappointed. Bland and very very tough. I called to get a refund, which the salesman said would be no problem, and was contacted shortly saying they would come pick up the beef. While here, the man wasnt helpful at all and just said that a refund check will be sent out since the check I have them was cashed AFTER my request not to. They got me for my money, took the beef too, and now will not respond to any of my. Calls. I m currently still trying to get in touch with them but I ve left more than enough voicemails. This company was a pain in the ass to deal with, if you see their trucks be warned.
Melissa Vernon
April 13, 2014
My husband and I have Purchased $375.00 worth of beef from US Beef Cincinnati LLC. I want to warn everyone that the company US Beef Cincinnati LLC. is awful company, and they steal money from your credit card. Later they would try to persuade you that you spent this money on your own. I recently found out that the website charged my account without my permission and authorization and US Beef Cincinnati charged my visa credit card $375.00 on 1/14/14 without permission. I used their services only one time to buy one case of beef that was bad from the start. I called my bank to dispute the charge and won in my favor got my money back. Never ever give them your credit card information!… You will be sorry if you do!!!
Michael Oakley
March 21, 2014
Bought a box of their steaks and hamburgers. Product is way beyond inferior. Injected with water to weigh more. We asked about the water injection and the sales person lied to us. The steaks are not high quality. They are very tough. Have ground most of them into ground beef and it is funny tasting. The hamburgers that came in the box are around 50% fat. They cook down to half the weight of their original size. Not happy at all! We would have demanded our money back but due to lack of compliance with other complaints, figured we were wasting out time. DON’T BUY ANY FOOD FROM THIS COMPANY!!!
Ralph Polo
March 19, 2014
On March 15,2014 I received a phone call from my mother at about 4:21PM stating a lady was at her house trying to sell her meat and that she wanted to check with me about it. I returned her call at approximately 3PM, but unfortunately the deal was already done. My mother gave her a check for $350, plus cash. My mother has dementia, and has told me 3 different amounts – started with $250. When I flipped, she then said it was $200, then $150. Looks like she purchased 3 boxes of steaks and numerous pork chops. The check was left blank from my mother, the woman took my mother’s drivers license number and now has her checking account and routing number, which is disconcerting. Especially since there was no receipt given to my mother, nor a business card. My mother stated the woman told her I would be happy she bought them and encouraged her to not wait for my return call and to go ahead and buy them. Obviously, I am NOT happy. As soon as the blank check is cashed where I have a name, I am going to call the police and contact the local news stations about this company, its practices and the person who preyed on my mother.
Sherry Alson
March 17, 2014
A sales person pushed his way into my elderly parents home by telling them a neighbor down the street told him to come to their house. He then somehow convinced my mother to spend $700 on 4 boxes of steaks (he told her he would leave her 5 boxes in the garage but he left 4). He also told her that this was such a “good deal” that he needed her to make the check payable to him (not the company) so that they would not realize what a great deal he was giving her. He pushed and pushed until she paid him this way. No receipt, no business card, just a thief. She’s made several attempts to call the company (as have I) and it’s always voicemail no matter the time of day.
TLyne P.
March 8, 2014
This company is a joke and a rip off, I’m currently in the early stages of litigation with them. After telling them the meat made me ill, they claimed maybe “you didn’t have one of the best cases” EVERY case should be the best. The attorney general of Indiana is pretty upset too. Beware, these guys will screw you over.
Vincent Campbell
March 6, 2014
US Beef Cincinnati salesman solicted me at my home and aggressively pursued me to purchase product ensuring the product was guaranteed and purchase price fully refundable. With assurance of fully refundable purchase price, I informed him that I would be willing to purchase the meat that would not be immediately used (children live out of state and would be visiting for upcoming holidays. After cooking several types of the meat, was very disappointed and called national number (realized salesmen did not leave his number on receipt) and an national rep. called me back and informed me an authorized pickup would be initiated and to expect a call in the next few days. It’s been weeks. No refund, no pick up of unused product.
March 3, 2014
I purchased 400.00 worth of meat from US Beef Cincinnati on February 21th 2014. I just used some of it for the first time and the quality was not as represented and I am concerned about the safety of the meat. One of the packages was not sealed well when defrosted, it leaked everywhere. The smell of the meat was bad when cooking it. I worry for our health this evening after consuming the meat it made me very sick. Their guarantee says money back guarantee, but I do not feel comfortable accepting any further product from this company. The brochure I received notates that Joey Traum is the owner. Quality of the meat is substandard. The quality of the meat was not as promised and there is no recourse for reimbursement.

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