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Uber Eats — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
October 8, 2023
Incident date: October 8, 2023


May 31, 2024
I ordered a delivery from Vons and it was not delivered y the driver.
November 19, 2023
I ordered several times with Uber Eats on 11/18/23. Each time I order, the restaurant forgets something or the order is wrong. This happened to 2 of my orders on 11/18/23. The first time, earlier in the day, I submitted a complaint and was refunded (I was not given items I ordered). Later that night I placed another order at a completely different restaurant but they forgot my To go martini. I submitted a complaint and just reordered the drink item(and had to order a food item because they couldn’t just send alcohol). But Uber support, a day later, tells me I am not eligible for a refund on the missing item because they already refunded me for another issue. I explain I was essentially charged twice for one thing but their response was to rate the restaurant. So because 2 places mess up orders, they can keep my money for something I didn’t receive. Uber should not be allowed to keep money for something I paid for but didn’t get, regardless of what happened at another establishment. Unfortunately with delivery here, the restaurants are constantly forgetting items, sending wrong items, or I’m not getting the food I paid for. I do submit a company each time because I’m not going to be fine with paying for something I’m not getting and the company just keeping my money. This is fraudulent activity. They need to refund the item plus tax/fees and credit my account as well because of the amount of time wasted on this simple issue.
Toni Salt
October 8, 2023
Order never arrived and they promised a refund but never received and now they are saying not going to get a refund. Give me my refund as promised

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