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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
October 15, 2023

RepZe was founded on the principles of good reputation management and protection of digital privacy. We are a dedicated team of professionals with the goal of empowering businesses and individuals with a reputation that can benefit them in the long run. Our diverse services uphold your good reputation and our experienced team knows your business needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we look forward to helping you get a reputation geared for success.

Incident date: October 15, 2023


Harry Crumb
October 21, 2023
REPZE.COM primarily operated by Matt Hemp, who is none other than the famous Vikramsinh Parmar from India. Boy I love his flowing waves of man from The New York Times article “The Slander Industry!” The location listed on this page is correct for where Vikramsinh is, and the number is his own personal cell phone. Just want to make everyone aware of how many people Vikramsinh has touched throughout the years with his scam ways and ridiculous manners, as well as greedy habits and tendencies. Please post reviews of your terrible experiences with REPZE.COM and all the other reputation companies and slander websites he owns. Don’t get scammed like I did. Please visit Go and see how far he will go to make money! I almost forgot to mention his relationship with Aaron Minc Attorney, located in Ohio. WOW!! Please don’t be fooled by “A” ratings, pretty soon you will see the “A” into “F”, but don’t take my word for it. lol

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