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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
October 16, 2023

ModuleExperts is an Automotive Control Module Remanufacturing company. We have over 60 years of combined experience in automotive electronics and pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with quality repair services, or Remanufactured Control Modules. Our goal is to get your vehicles back on the road quickly and running like new again. With ASE Certified Master Techs on staff we have the right tech to help solve your control module related problems. Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction and repeat referrals. To that effect, we provide free technical assistance during the purchase process, to help identify the root cause of symptoms, and help the customer decide if repairing their module or purchasing a remanufactured module best suites their needs. We also assert our confidence in the quality of our work, by backing every module we repair or sell with a life-time warranty.

Incident date: October 16, 2023


Jonathan Robertson
October 17, 2023
It took me a few days to get in contact with the company at first. Once I got a hold of Mark Davison (904.866.4807 or, we discussed repairing my DME from my 07 BMW. Not at any time did he mention that there was a chance the unit was unrepairable what were my options. I was told they weren’t able to just replace the DME with a remanufactured one, they would be able to fix it. Before I made the order, I called to speak with Mark again left messages and no return calls. I still had questions I wanted answered I had to rely on customer service who weren’t too sure of the answers.  So, on Mark’s word I placed the order on 9/22/23 and I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my time. On 9/25/23 I sent the DME with the purchase order and fill out form provided by Module Experts through FedEx. My package was scheduled to arrive on 9/27/23 and did, I requested a signature to make sure they received the package. I checked with FedEx that it arrived but did not hear one thing from anyone employed by Module Experts about receiving the DME. On 10/2/23 in the afternoon I called Module Experts (1-888-241-8133) to get a status report. At this point this company had my DME not including Saturday or Sunday for 4 business days and still didn’t hear one thing about the progress. This company claims to be the fastest turn around on repairs and service to their customers. I did get a hold of Mark again on the 2nd and he stated to me he didn’t know anything on the progress whatsoever and he would call as soon as he knew something. On 10/4/23 I finally received a phone call from Mark right after they opened around 8:40 am. He stated to me that the unit was unrepairable and that he would need me to send in my key, and another module, to run a bench test (as he called it) and provide me with a remanufactured DME. He wasn’t at all clear on what was wrong with the unit period. This remanufactured DME would be plug and play. He stated that they would credit my original purchase amount to the new total, and I would have to pay an additional $900 and some dollars. At first it struck me odd that all of a sudden after having my unit now for 6 business days it can’t be repaired. Funny thing was it was just starting to send codes and act up. I didn’t wait for my BMW to die on me. I still had time to drive it around. Yet they didn’t know this at Module Experts. So, I told Mark I needed to think about it, and I would get back in touch with him. He said ok. I contacted the dealership and was told I had to go with a new DME, which was horribly expensive. I decided to call Module Experts back and ask them to return my DME to me with the report of the diagnosis. I paid for the testing, shipping it there, and oh yea, I paid for return shipping as well, an additional $25. Yet still I was told it would take at least 4 days to get my unit back. I paid $27 at FedEx, and they had the unit within 2 days. Funny, more of my money pocketed. The whole package only weighed 3.5lbs. So, on 10/5/23 after I requested my unit returned, yet before they shipped it back. I had found out the costs for brand new DME from the dealership. I decided to contact Module Experts asap to ask them to proceed with the remanufactured unit. Their business hours are Mon-Fri 8:30am to 6:30pm est. I steady called the 2 numbers I had 904-866-4807 (Mark’s direct line) and 1-888-241-8133 starting at opening time. No one answered until about 8:40am and it was Mark, after he had ignored the call, I just made to his direct line. Before I could get a word in edge wise on why I was calling, Mark rudely and hostilely stated to me that he was not going to help with this situation, that no one is there, and they just opened. He told me to call back later and hung up on me. Needless to say, I didn’t call back. I was told on 10/4/23 that my DME was going to be shipped on 10/5/23, I have not received even an email that it is being returned or tracking number. I do not know the condition it is in either. I am concerned that they made the DME unrepairable just to get more money out of me, and when I declined, I was treated badly. I had to call Module Experts for the return tracking number, they had sent it out on 10/5/23. I finally received the DME on 10/10/23. The DME was all scratched from being roughly pried open, the clasps were bent and disfigured and it rattled. I was like really, wtf! I plugged the unit back into my car and what I expected came true. The car cranked but would not start. The car ran before I sent the DME to Module Experts. I do not recommend anyone sending their DME (BMW), or for other cars ECU/ECM or any other modules to Module Experts period. There are many other companies that can service your computer unit in your car, don’t go to MODULE EXPERTS, you will be expertly treated horrible and badly. DO NOT PURCHASE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS FROM !!>>MODULE EXPERTS<<!! A DIVISION OF NATIONAL PARTS WHOLESALERS THANK YOU UPSETCOMSUMERS.COM & BADBIZREPORT.COM FOR HAVING WEBSITES TO GET THE WORD OUT!!

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