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McDonald’s Restaurant — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
February 6, 2020

McDonald’s Corporation is an American multinational fast food chain, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.

Incident date: February 6, 2020


Eric Rodriguez
November 19, 2023
Went to McDonald’s with my son for breakfast, we waited a half hour in line then when we got to the speaker to order there was 5 minutes left to order breakfast they would not take are order till it was past time for breakfast an told us we were not able to order breakfast anymore my son started crying an I was furious we could not believe after waiting that long an being there in plenty of time they would do that someone at that location should have to be held accountable for doing that to us. Not sure but should definitely get a discount or a free breakfast for the aggravation an wasted time in line
Disappointed Bus Driver
November 5, 2023
Tried to buy the happy meal toys to finish my grand kids sets. Employees refused when I purchased them at other locations. Send the toys I’m missing. Make all McDonald’s sell the toys.
Kathy Evans
October 25, 2023
My name is Kathy Evans and I want to file against the gm Derek wells, I was fired by a text, I worked there 7 years and have been nit picked by all the management at this store. My feelings is it has to do with my age, does mcdonald’s have something against older workers, I have tried to report this before and know one got back to me iam requesting a follow-up. I lost my family\’s insurance and I want something done
Mick D
September 10, 2023
I only had a $50 note and nothing on my card. The manager said if he gave me the change he would have nothing left in the till, I explained that’s all I had and he was looking at me weird. Then decided to change the $50 note, the way handed me the change was rude, I did say u don’t have to be so bloody rude about it and walked away. Then he requested the change back and didn’t not get served he gave me the $50 back and would not give me no food. The manager needs to be retrained in customer service and make sure there is enough change in the till to Accommodate people without any money on there card
Kevin Sandvig
September 5, 2023
I’ve been calling this McDonald’s Customer DON’T Care Line EVERY 2-3 days and speaking with call takers with their CONTRACTED customer complaint call-answering service (with MANY times, I get connected with call takers from INDIA!!!). My initial call was placed on August 14th, 2023 with Daniel (Case No. 27371395) and I have followed up (due to McDonalds NOT calling me back) on August 16th, August (Eugene), August 18th (Bree), August 21st (Marj), August 23rd (Alicia), August 28th (Chris), August 30th (Gene), September 2nd (Rachel). I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY CALL FROM THE REGIONAL MANAGER’S OFFICE LOCATED IN ATLANTA, GA. OR THE LOCALLY OWNED MCDONALDS RESTAURANT AT 5001 S. TAMIAMI TRAIL (U.S. 41) RUSKIN, FLORIDA 33570. I DEMAND McDonalds CALL ME BACK after my MANY phonecalls to your supposed McDonalds Customer Care Hotline. I have a video taken on my iPhone of the incident that occurred on August 9th, 2023 while my wife I were attempting to eat two meals in your restaurant. Call AND meet with me as I have a video taken on my iPhone of the shocking incident by a McDonald’s employee behind the front counter at approximately 4:30pm on August 9th, 2023. Kevin Sandvig Ruskin, Florida (231) 342-1577
September 3, 2023
On September 2, 2023 at 7:51 p.m. I went thru the drive thru at McDonald’s, store 33704 located at 1210 Gordon Cooper Drive, Tecumseh, OK 74873. I order a 1 combo with sweet tea instead of coke. I paid $10.00 for a Big Mac and fries and sweet tea. I don’t live very far from McDonald’s and I made no other stops, I went straight home. My hamburger was cold, the bun was hard on top and my fries were cold and greasy. This is my complaint, Cold Food. I should not have to pay for Cold Food that has been sitting somewhere. Cold Food in the first place should never be served. McDonald had always pride themselves in there fries being hot and fresh and crisp. Now McDonald’s food is not worth eating. They should never sell food that has been sitting. The food should be hot and as fresh as possible. Hamburgers and fries should be kept as hot as possible. Not over cooked but not Cold and Fries Cold and greasy. Right now I would rate this particular McDonald’s in Tecumseh, OK as low as I can a zero in my book. Serving Cold hamburgers and cold, greasy fries is a rip off to customers that come thru the drive thru. They think because we come thru the drive thru we can’t check our food until we get home so they just throw whatever they want to at us and we have to take it. Well, I don’t have to take it cause someone at McDonald’s Headquarters is going to hear about it before someone gets sick. This is a health problem and should be taken seriously not just as a complaint.
Treavonese Duhaney
August 16, 2023
I spent $45 at McDonald’s I bought a quarter pounder with cheese and took one bite and had to vomit I tried calling the number and no one answered for at least 25 to 30 minutes so I had to leave my home to go back down there this is unethical completely disrespectful and unprofessional of your branch to be selling half cooked burgers and burgers filled with so much black pepper, I need someone to contact me ASAP because the workers as well need to be retrained they had no remorse sympathy whatsoever they did not even ask if I wanted another sandwich or told me sorry the manager’s name is Julia ,the time of the incident was between 4:30 to 5:30 pm and this McDonald’s is at the address 782 State Street Springfield Massachusetts 01105 I feel highly disrespected by the lack of people skills that these employees are displaying my phone number is 413-291-3015 my name is Treavonese Duhaney my address is 30 Marlborough Street Springfield Massachusetts 01109, two customers in line also saw the disrespect and they saw the burger and ended up leaving the McDonald’s..I need an apology and a full refund and a Free proper meal
Scott Johnston
August 14, 2023
We called and spoke with the manager Danielle of Bellshill McDonald about 1 pm 14.8.2023 requesting the drink which was not delivered with my order this has been a regular occurrence when making a order for delivery the manager was very rude and said that there was nothing she could do our bill was over £30 hi. To receive what you pay for
August 14, 2023
Order on the mc Donald’s delivery app food come with missing items phoned mc Donald’s told I had to go and collect missing items when I got there ignored for 10mins asked to speak to manager wasn’t allowed by trainee manager explained that I paid more for the food and for delivery and now the food I left home was going cold and ruined she said she could only replace the missing items I could understand if it was any other delivery company but to use yours it’s disgusting waste of money paying for delivery when I’ve still got to drive there the trainee manager was completely rude and unprofessional, whilst other customers were also ignored and complaining but nobody would acknowledge them and they were about to cancel the order I would like a total refund. Full refund including delivery and refund of my petrol and an apology .
August 14, 2023
I order a cheeseburger fries and spicy chicken easy mayo. So when pull to the window the cashier was laughing and saying inappropriate words when i got my food chicken sandwich only had a drop of mayo. Cashier did not greet me either very unprofessional makes McDonald’s look bad they always hire unprofessional people. I dont know but lately every time i go there i have issues with order or employees.
August 13, 2023
All Big Macs had the extra bun near the top bun back to back and the cheesy jalapeno QPC had no cheese at all. A credit would be nice like a gift card
Robin Hines
August 13, 2023
I went through the drive through August 8th placed my order of. Filet of fish like I always order. Was asked to pull over and park and my food would be brought out to me. Upon opening my filet of fish the sandwich wasn’t edible I have enclosed a photo. I’m very disappointed if there’s not enough staff to prepare the food then hire more don’t rush through my order. With the cost of food it is a special treat to go out for lunch. Do better MCDonald’s. By having enough staff properly trained in the preparing and servicing a customers meal.
August 11, 2023
Hartsville sc store manager I need another chance to work hello to get to contact this location. Help to work at this location
August 10, 2023
I ordered from just eat and my Big Mac was missing this isn’t the first time because I have had other items missing from my orders. I want my Oder refunded and this not 2 happen again
Old timer
August 10, 2023
Last two times I was there got my orders wrong. Had to go back in and have it done right. Next time I’ll go to Kwik trip it’ll be done right and cheaper also. By getting my order right. It would save from losing customers
August 10, 2023
I went through drive thru. Sat at the station after order and 45 MINUTES LATER!!!!I had to walk inside. They give me my order and ALL the food is ice cold. The manger who refuse to give his name. Didn’t care I had it remade and no apologies at all. There were over 12 cars outside waiting and only people inside were other cars from other side waiting in orders. This place has gotten so bad it needs to become a place that works like maybe a Wendy’s or Jack in the box. This is the worst McDonalds in Phoenix. The managers don’t care clothing is horrible like we wasting their time. They were even telling people to use screen they were not helping up front…
Russell B
August 1, 2023
I order plain sausage sandwiches on regular buns, 9 out of 10 times they add cheese, I hate cheese, this is not a one time occurrence, it happens with burgers as well as sausage. I am going to block traffic and make them check my order from now on . It’s ridiculous never getting what you order. Also considering taking my business to Burger King. Train the kids to read the orders
July 31, 2023
I got a large chocolate shake from. McDonald’s in bristol, tennessee and it was so nasty I can’t even fathom what would even make a shake taste as disgusting as this shake did one drink is all it took and I was immediately projectile vomiting as if that wasn’t bad enough it was all over my dad’s car that my vomit landed . I am more than ticked the hell off for this and very confused and not sure I want to know what was in it to make me put like that because I never have a weak stomach when I comes to nasty stuff but let me tell ya u would be more pissed than I’m sounding in this letter right now . Im 100% for sure of it. Oh and sorry but I don’t have a photo because I threw it across the street in the ditch because I was so mad about what had just happened . So forgive me for not having my nasty ass shake to take a picture of it but if it helps ,, it didn’t look like anything was wrong with it . … I looked normal to me … so I don’t know what it could have been but I’m about to never eat at McDonald’s again unless they make this right …. put yourself in my shoes … and imagine how disgusting it would be to have that happen to you. I think it is more than okay and definitely not too much to ask for for at least a refund or some sort of food voucher or something considering what I went through . . I’ve never experienced this type if situation anywhere else . But a normal shake would be nice If you can make it normal shake that tastes right and don’t taste like garbage… no offense but it was bad . I don’t wish it to happen on my worse enemy.
Chris Carpenter
July 30, 2023
Went thru drive thru with granddaughter this morning. Ordered hotcakes, sausage meal and two sausage burritos wit extra sauce. Got everything but burritos when i got home. Tried to call and get busy signal constantly. This has been happening alot at this place. Think they are stealing from people! I just wont go back, ever!
July 26, 2023
Today I was inside of McDonald’s as a customer and i over to off the workers arguing about in apprise language. As one of the workers was exiting out of the kitchen area. I heard her say. Y’all always want to send me home when y’all don’t say nothing to the one who back here talking about having sex in someone’s butt. Sac customer I feel that odd very unprofessional for that type of things to be said in a work establishments. Something needs to be done about this issue. I don’t want to come into No restaurant and have to be hearing that type of issue.
July 23, 2023
After waiting 30 min to order i was told they don’t have an employee on register. I have to use the kiosk. I o ly have cash they aren’t allowing cash inside and i have to go through drive thru. My hungry kids and i walked here. We wont get service today because i have cash so my kids and i are walking back home hungry because i have cash and no car. Make it make sense..
July 22, 2023
I bought a quarter pounder with cheese without onion .. on my way home noticed it wasn’t cool all the through after eating some of it …. made me sick to my stomach.. is there anything you can do to resolve this issue???,? McDonald’s on 169 fort dodge. Refund or coupon for another meal or 2
Kenneth Capps
July 21, 2023
Nearly half the time i go to buy a milk shake they say the machine is not working. when you are in the drive thru your stuck until you can get out. there is no reason a machine is down that much unless they don’t care. keep the machine working. they probably don’t want to clean the machine that’s why they say it’s down
John Casabianca
July 16, 2023
Place order aT drive thir was told to park in number 4 spot food wasn’t ready sat there from 1030 to 11 20 I don’t know hire better management
Mindy Manson
June 24, 2023
McDonalds corporate is scamming people and it needs to stop immediately. To many people have gave up while Mcdonalds is enriching themselves with consumer money with false promises of savings and opportunities to save while stealing not only my money but millions of others which enriches Mcdonalds corruption in billions of dollars McDonalds has been contacted by me numerous times only to be fallin on deaf ears and as long as they get away with corruption they will continue to engage in these acts until they close all their locations. . Already over 200+ stores have closed last year due to corruption and they say less business but we all say its scamming consumers. They have an app which allows for free items when you make purchases but when you attempt to redeem these promos they always have some bs excuse to why your not allowed to claim such items. Such as you cant redeem your points during breakfast hours when its clearly afternoon and evening hours, we are clearly in the store at these times attempting to say its breakfast when its not and its not about an update. They will do anything to make you pay full price for items you ever earned within the app. They also refuse to do a local order and push out delivery orders to locations that are over 20 mins away so when you get your food its extremely cold and thats what they stand by. This is beyond disgusting and they expect you to pay for this and deal with there mishandling and stupidity of there corrupt staff members to say we are almost closing we are not accepting his order! Obviously my hispanic friends are making us look lazy af by surrounding themselves with lazy workers. Then corporate allows this to go on cause its money for them. But its going to stop! If youre not allowing us to redeem our free food then il dispute all corrupt transactions with my bank and get my money back. You cant over charge us and enrich your pockets at my expense. Close your shop and stop scamming consumers! Your trash
Denise J.
May 10, 2023
I noticed that through McDonald’s mobile app that my card was charged 6 times for charges that I did not make totaling around $150. I contacted the store over the phone and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. I contacted customer service, they said the same thing, they can’t do anything about it and to contact my bank. I did, the bank said they were not responsible since it was an error on McDonald’s end. I reached out to customer service again and answered all of their questions and provided them with multiples screenshots, so they can “investigate”. Now they said since the case is older then 7 days they can’t do anything. I live paycheck to paycheck and can barely pay my bills and I am screwed out of my money due to a glitch in their system and they refuse to resolve.
Christian Z.
April 1, 2023
Using the McDonalds app, I placed and paid for an order. When I arrived to pick up my order at the restaurant, they said because I was driving in the vicinity of the store, the app activated the order which they prepared. I was NOT heading to the store, but instead was at a location near the store which is why the app activated its location service. The store then had me repay for my order, stating i would not be charged on the app since it was canceled. This was not correct, and I was in fact charged for an order I never received. I reached out to the store which required me drive back to be reimbursed (not an option). Next, they said the manager would call me back. I never was called. I reached out to McDonalds customer service. They claimed there was not enough information to process my complaint. I have sent numerous details regarding location, order number and the cost of the order as well as the circumstances surrounding this event. I have received nothing back in return. This is why I am filing the complaint against McDonalds. I have done everything I can with customer service. I paid for an order I never received and they refuse to refund me.
Jeremy R.
June 14, 2021
I went to Mcdonalds on 4/29/21. I placed a order in the drive thru. When I got my order my food was wrong, I politely gave the food back to the manager at the window. He asked to pull into slot 1. I waited 20 minutes and pulled back around to ask “where was my food”? The manager replied “They are making it still and I have other orders to make.” I politely said ” but my food was a remake and I should’ve had my food by now” he replied “what do you want me to do'” I then asked for a refund. Another male manager came to the window and said “you have to come in” I then came in & got told “I’m not giving you a refund and you can have corporates number cause im not giving you a refund I remade the food”I then said i’d prefer a refund because at this point why would I want food from someone whos yelling & etc’? *I HAVE THIS RECORDED*
Emma B.
May 24, 2021
I used the mobile order app to place and order and redeemed a coupon for $7 off of $25. When I was checking out, I saw my final price was around $21. When I picked up the order, they charged me for the full $28. The store said that I have to contact mobile support since the payment was done on it. I contacted mobile support and they said the store is only able to help me. My coupon was not honored and I am not trusting them the app or the store. It is very frustrating that I ha e to go through this.
Jennifer A.
May 19, 2021
On Tuesday, May 19, 2021 between 6:00-6:30pm I drove to McDonald’s drive thru at 801 W 159th, South Holland Illinois 60473. This is my neighborhood McDonald’s that my whole entire family have been dining at for well over 10 years now. I ordered at the drive thru and drove up to pay for my order. I gave the cashier a coupon and she must’ve been new because she did not know how to process it. I use this type of coupon often, so I knew she didn’t know how to ring it up properly. She called for a manager to help her. Once the manager came, he assisted the cashier for a minute and then he told me I could not use it. I explained to him that I use this type of coupon often (I eat at this place with my kids 3 times a week) and what was different today? He became very impatient and started yelling at me saying, “just let me finish!!” and said, “stop being fucking cheap!” My kid was terrified. I canceled my order as he told me, he don’t give a fuck! I was shaking & scared, kid crying. I left
Patricia L.
May 6, 2021
I had to go back to Mac Donald’s because when I got home I realized there was a missing sandwich. I also noticed the pancakes were cold and hard. I went back to the restaurant and told them I had a missing sandwich and the employee directed me to the manager who told me there was nothing else they could do but give me the sandwich. I explained my kids are home and said the pancakes were too hard and she told me that’s too bad there’s nothing else I can do. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes nothing. She was extremely rude and I asked for a refund and she told me no.
Mitchell Davis
February 18, 2021
I placed an order through the Mobile app while I was waiting outside. I was told after 20min of waiting that my order would be right now. After 50min of waiting they told me they never received my order and they won’t be making it. I showed them my receipt, my app confirmation, as well as where they charged my card. Still refused to make my order or provide me a refund. I have filed 2 complaints with their corporate office and called numerous times to the store. I keep getting the same answer “Someone will call you right back”, then I never hear from anyone. I want a refund on the order they never provided to me!
Donald Canon
February 16, 2021
My chicken Mcnuggets were not in the bag. When I spoke to the manager ADAM he was extremely rude and refused to replace the meal. He told me that I would need to talk to KENZIE and there was no one higher at McDonald’s than him and hung up on me and refused to answer the phone. I literally did not get my food or my money back. It has been a week and I still have not been contacted or reimbursement.
Zach Smith
February 15, 2021
Visited your store last week, can’t remember the exact day but I did remember the time and the person that totally ruined my day. The person’s name is Fran, who told me that she was the manager when I asked to speak with a manager. I stopped in at around 1030am to place an order and ended up standing in front of the register for a good 25 minutes before Fran came around the corner and approached me. During the 25 minutes, all employees working there would just give a look and turn away. Never experienced anything like this before from any establishment. Anyhow, Fran approaches with a disgusted look on her face, and what she says next just could not believe my ears. Fran looks up at me and says, What? you don’t know what you like? I respond to Fran and explain that I do know what I want but a little upset because I have been standing here for a good 25 minutes. Fran responds with, Well you should have gone somewhere else. I’m like excuse me, I’m here to order food and I’m a long time customer here, can I speak with your manager, please. Fran tells me that she is the manager. I asked why she was being so rude and under her breath, she tells me to ***** off and walks away. I did not get to order my food and left your store without food and very upset with what just happened. Fran should not be representing Mcdonald at all, I disturbed and just mind-boggled by how this person was able to get into this position. Fran is not professional in any way, very rude, and should not be swearing at customers under any circumstances.
Chad M.
February 11, 2021
I have been a loyal customer to mcdonalds for years. I go almost every single day, and do quite a few mobile orders as well. They started a new points program a few months ago and when I updated my phone the app said I was now earning points. Several months later I have no points or even anywhere to see where the points are. I finally deleted the app and reinstalled it and turns out there are terms and conditions that never popped up during the original update. After accepting those terms and conditions im told I have 0 points. I call to try to at least get reimbursed for my mobile order purchases. I spoke first with dominic who tells me he is going to put a request in to the app team to see why he cant even see my account. Then he tells me even though they did not provide me with the terms and conditions, if I don’t accept them I do not get points and so I will not get reimbursed. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was named ryan. Suprisingly the supervisor was less professional than dominic. Through the phone call he raises his voice and talks over me repeating the same crap line that even though their app had issues providing me the terms and conditions because I didn’t accept them I will not get reimbursed for any points at all even though it was their fault. Even though I was told on the app the whole time that I was earning points. The supervisor was not able to even find my account in their system and when I pressed him on why that is he just raised his voice some more telling me he will not do anything for me. They didnt even bother putting in a request to their app team about not being able to find my account like they claimed. Wasted 30 minutes and received awful customer service. I will not be returning to mcdonalds if they keep screwing over their customers like this.
Mark J.
February 10, 2021
I placed a curbside pick-up order on the mcdonalds mobile app. I waited at the pickup parking spot for 30 minutes for my order. My order never came (although I was charged for it). I left. I attempted to contacted mcdonalds by phone and on their app, and was hung up on and led down blind alleys for hours. I will never go to mcdonalds again.
Frank Simmons
February 3, 2021
Went into this McDonalds to buy 2 for 6.00 special as advertised on TV and there store window, the manager advised me that offer is no longer available, I explained that is false advertising due to still had offer in window! manager refused to discount food order for correct price as advertised.
Miranda D.
January 30, 2021
I ordered two 1 dollar hamburgers in the app along with a shake that was on special for only 25 cents. I placed the order in the app, gave the order code at the drive through and was given the hamburgers and shake. The total with tax according to my best calculations was 2.41. Instead they charged my credit card 19.67. They sent me an e-mailed receipt that was NOTHING like what I ordered including items I would never order. The e-mailed receipt did not even come close to matching what I ordered and received. I called the restaurant the next morning. The restaurant said they would call me back but did not. I called both McDonalds App support and their corporate number, both times I was told there was nothing they would do to help and that my money was gone. I filed a report with their online web system and only got an automated email response.
January 25, 2021
In June 2020, I went to the restaurant and ordered a combo meal. The sandwich was not made as I had ordered. I went back to the restaurant via the drive-thru to address the issue. The manager came to the window, no mask, and as he spoke spit sprayed & dripped from his mouth. I told him about the sandwich and as I attempted to show it to him, he slapped the boxed sandwich into my face and told me he didn’t want my disease! I called and complained several times to corporate and was told this was a corporate business. I called several times over the next month because I never heard back regarding this incident as I was told I would. Finally after more than a month a man called me and said he would refund the price of the meal in the mail to me. It never came and when I called corporate began to tell me nothing could be done and also began telling me of complaints I had made in the past a number of years ago. The case number I was given initially: 16286624.
Michael L
January 5, 2021
Charger for food in the mobile that I never got with Apple Pay. I have reported to Apple Pay, I have talked to a a rep at corporate who said she refunded….over 2 weeks ago. She didn’t I have emailed 3 times to include CEO. I called in again today, spent 10 minutes talking to a rep who then cold transferred me and i hung up after another 5 minutes on hold. The lack of customer service is unbelievable.
Super Sam
December 29, 2020
I ordered a meal through app on Christmas Day. When I went to location to pick up I was told my card declined… I left with no food… when I checked my account later on I had the McDonald’s charge that went through… all attempts to contact McDonald’s have been ignored. Now I’m having to deal with my bank
December 1, 2020
I made a mobile order at 7:25 a.m. on 12/01/2020. When I got to the store and AFTER my order had been paid for, I was informed that they did not have part of my order. When I was inquired about a refund I was advised that they do not give refunds for mobile orders even if they do not have the product. The manager hid behind the counter and would not address the issue directly, this information came from the counter person.
September 28, 2020
I reached out to McDonalds on Sept. 23 but have not heard back. I tried ordering a Travis Scott Meal from this location after watching various advertisements and receiving notifications from the McDonalds app. We were told the promotion ended two days prior and the person taking our order insinuated that we weren’t telling the truth. We learned later the deal could be redeemed by app only. We ended up ordering food that was lukewarm when we received it. There are ongoing issues with this particular location. We’ve tried our best to order here, but received pushback from employees for one reason or another. We’re tired of it.

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