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JDI Handyman Services — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
August 24, 2023

JDI Handyman Services LLC was created from JDI Property Group, which was a stand-alone property maintenance company established in the early 1990’s. The needs of our clients expanded, so we enhanced our business services to meet the growing needs of our customers. We have become Dayton area’s premiere provider of property services and a one stop shop for all your handyman needs.

Incident date: August 24, 2023


Teresa Bird
October 23, 2023
Handyman Scammers! This is a complete SHAM business with scam business practices! Hired Jon Yankasky to install a brand new hot water heater in my house and install a new gas line. My old hot water heater was electric and not gas I wanted a gas one installed this time. Jon said this will cost for a brand new gas hot water heater and install brand new gas line was going to cost me a total of 2,500 he stated he needed 1,250.00 down I ask him I thought I only would have to pay when the job was done he said 1,250.00 down was to go buy the materials so he can get the job done he said the rest of the money when the job get completed. Me and my wife paid him in cash 1,250.00 down and he said he will be out early in the morning to get the job done. I took of work that day and waited all day he never showed up. I called his phone and he said hello I said why you did not call me to tell me you was not coming out? He hung up the phone on me. Its been 6 months now and nothing. I did call the police on him and they told me there is nothing they can do because it was a civil matter. One of the police officers told me I can take him to small claims court and sue him in court. Horrible horrible dishonest company! Run! As fast as you can! Run away from them! These guys are scammers and liars. I wish I had read reviews prior to hiring this company. Its pretty bad when you Google a company and six out of the top 10 search results are about them being a giant scam and yet they are still in business. You’ve been warned…
Jessica Wilson
October 18, 2023
TOTAL SCAM !!!!! I call JDI Handyman Services and spoke with a man name Jon Yankasky as first I told him I only have electric upstairs only but I have no electric down stairs that something was wrong. He told me it was 90.00 for a service call they would come out to find out what the problem was give me a price to get it fixed. So I agree and paid the 90.00 and he came out he was here for only 20 minutes and told me the main wire that was inside the wall was the problem. He said it would cost me 1,750 plus tax to get it fixed he needed 1k down payment then 750.00 plus tax when the job was completed. He said if you can pay cash this will save you on paying taxes. I said no worries I paid him 1k in cash 2 days later him and 2 guys came out stated working cut a whole in the wall there was here about 30 minutes said they would be back and never came back to finish the job I called he hung up on me ! STAY AWAY they are a total scam
Samantha Anderson
September 21, 2023
I wish I had read this reviews before hiring him. Like the others I was prompted to pay half the money down. he only accept cash tells you this will save you from paying taxes. He said he will take a check but he would have to charge me sales tax./ I paid him 2,800. down and completed the transaction and got a response email from him stating that he will be out on September 4 2023 on a Monday Since then, no contact. Their phone number is never answered and the voice mail is full. The address listed as 300 Kiser St #1A-B Dayton, OH 45404 appears to be a old commercial condemned building
Edward Sams
September 17, 2023
Jon Yankasky is 58 years old and was born on 12/03/1964. Jon has also been known as Jonathon Edward Yankasky, Jonathan E Yankasky, John E Yankasky, Jon E Yankasky and John Edw Yankasky. Jon Yankasky. Beware! Jon Yankasky. Jon Yankasky Arrested in Beaver Creek Ohio stealing more than $800,000.00 from a elder couple from Ohio. They both die right after what he did to them.
Helen Dixon
September 15, 2023
I had paid him to install carpet in my living room. He said it would cost 1,800.96 but he needed 900.00 down and the rest when the job was completed. I paid him 900.00 in cash he never show up and stolen my money. He never showed up i wish i would had did a back ground internet search before hiring him Most definitely a scam. Minus-one star. Hope he gets caught and shut down and put in jail ASAP.
September 8, 2023
JON YANKASKY & J&D MANAGEMENT, a person and his company, not licensed under Ohio Revised Code 4735, Dayton, Ohio, was ordered to pay a $7500.00 civil penalty for a period including February 1, 2011 through May 31, 2011, up to a 120 violations of RC 4735.02 by renting, leasing or negotiating the rental or lease of the subject property; offering, attempting and agreeing to negotiate the rental or leasing of the subject property; managing or offering or attempting to operate or manage the subject property and holding himself out as engaging the selling, exchanging, purchasing, renting, or leasing of real estate. https://com.ohio.gov/static/documents/real_DisciplinarySummaries15.pdf
Adam Wilson
September 7, 2023
I hired Jon Yankasky at jdipropertygroup.com to install and repair windows/doors. This company has to do window installation and door sliding but he vanished with my money and did nothing. They claim zero responsibility. Today I called the police and made a report about this and they told me that this company is not registered. I was badly scammed
Wade Johnson
August 29, 2023
WARNING: Do your research on this company. Last year, I paid this man (Jon Yankasky) a deposit of $4,300 down payment to install a furnace in my house. He never installed the furnace and still has not returned my money back to me. I contacted the company JDI Handyman Services lady that answer the phone says i will have Jon call you when he gets back in the office but its been year he has not return any of my phone calls. I do not have the money to filed with the small claims court but want to prevent him from conning any more people out of their hard-earned money.
James Schienle
August 29, 2023
Warning! Stay away from this handyman Jon Yankasky. If I could only give NO stars I would. Corruption JDI Handyman, He scam my money. Straight trash robbery. Disgusting person, another way for you too get robbed
John Davis Mcconnell
August 25, 2023
DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY JDI HANDYMAN SERVICES!!…I want to warn people about this website jdipropertygroup.com..The owner of this website is a scammer, Me and my wife hired him to install a new door frame and a new back door. He said it would cost 3,500 said he need 2,500 down and rest when he got the job done. so i paid him 2,500 down in cash he said he will be out Monday its been 8 weeks now will not return my phone calls or emails. he takes your down payment never will see him again. He has all of the photos that show all the home that has been fixed up said it all the work he does but when I did a Google photo lookup they show up on someone else website so that photos was stolen off the internet and post it on his site. I call the guy at 937-912-1197 Jon Yankasky back and tell him that I’m on to him for scamming me and thousands of others out of there money and I will report him to the FBI Internet fraud Dept and told him I want my money back. He says ” ok ma’am ” and sounds scared. By the way, all the Good reviews that give him five stars, they’re fake and I suspect written by the idiots that work for him. YES, LIARS, THIEVES, & DIRTY, FILTHY, CONNIVING CROOKS, OH MY!!! Beware, it’s a scam!!!!

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