Jack L Woods Plumbing Co


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130 E Home St
Westerville, OH 43081-1568

(614) 882-9700

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Jack L Woods Plumbing Co — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
August 24, 2023

Water is coming from the guest bathroom (which is my son’s bathroom) and leaks downstairs into the ceiling. I called Jack L woods who sent Rick to do a quotation and he told me he will fixed it. On 8/5/20 Rick came and “fixed” the leaking problem which they did not. Immediately after they left my son took a shower and water leaked and even more than before. I called the co to complain and spoke to John R who then directed me to Rex and he said he will send another technician to see what happened. The second technician came over and he looked at what they did and explained that my problem is not what Jack L woods can fix since it is a drywall problem. He stated my problem was never solved they charged me $1,755 Which according to him when they came to do a quotation they should have told me the company does not do drywall and recommend me a drywall person or ask me to look for a drywall tech but instead they took my money and did not solve the real problem I am facing. The water is still leaking. My husband called the company talked to Rex who promised he will take care of it and we waited. My husband called again and Rex hanged up on him when my husband said is he sure he will send someone and that was the last time and nobody came

Incident date: August 24, 2023


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