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Hallway Feeds — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
November 3, 2023

The story of Hallway Feeds begins just as you would imagine: on a farm. Robert ‘Bob’ Hall Jr. grew up raising cattle, harvesting grain and tending family land in Scott County, Kentucky. It was in those fields that his legacy was sown. By the time Mr. Bob graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1953, he was already an accomplished and experienced agriculturalist. For the next decade, he honed his expertise on cattle farms in Kentucky and New York, as a veterinary food inspector for the Army, and as an award-winning herdsman for the University of Kentucky. So when a local feed mill came up for sale in 1964, Mr. Bob and his wife, Mrs. Bonnie Hall, saw an opportunity and purchased the business. For nearly thirty years, Farmers Feed Mill supplied commodity feedstuffs to the area’s dairy and beef cattle farms. During that time, Lexington urbanized, the landscape of Kentucky agriculture evolved, and Thoroughbred racing became a thriving industry. Farmers Feed Mill evolved as well, introducing the Hallway Feeds brand to supply Thoroughbred farms with the highest quality, custom-manufactured feeds. Shortly thereafter, Hallway Feeds moved to a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility, where it is currently located. As the demand for specialized horse feed grew, Hallway Feeds spearheaded the scientific advancement of equine nutrition. Through research partnerships with top universities around the country, and with Kentucky Equine Research, Hallway Feeds has remained at the forefront of equine nutrition, continually developing innovative feed and supplements for customers around the world. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. Hallway Feeds has had the great pleasure of fueling 15 Kentucky Derby winners and at least one winner of every current Grade 1 North American race. Hallway Feeds is now the only family-owned and operated feed company dedicated to the horse industry. Although we lost Mrs. Bonnie in 2017, Mr. Bob still lives on the Hall family farm in Scott County. And with their children, Lee and Julia, now running the daily operations at the mill, the legacy that was sown all those years ago, is alive and well.

Incident date: November 3, 2023


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