Family Dollar Store

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3800 Montgomery Rd
Norwood, OH 45212

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Family Dollar Store — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
August 26, 2023

Family Dollar Stores, Inc. is an American variety store chain. With over 8,000 locations in all states except Alaska and Hawaii, it was the second largest retailer of its type in the United States…

Incident date: August 26, 2023


November 5, 2023
I was asked to leave a family dollar after being falsely accused of taking items from store by manager on November 3rd 2023 Friday between the hours of 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 P.M. The manager and associate refused to ring my items up because of a false claim by manager that one day in store I was on camera taking an item without paying. I’ve never taken anything from store without paying at the register. I’ve always paid for items in the store at the register. I want to continue shopping at this store, and would like someone in a higher position to contact this manager and associate about their dishonesty towards a regular customer. The store number06396 at 5771 Kyser Court, Montgomery, Alabama, phone:3347770687 please email me at for additional information relating to my experience at this family dollar store. They can solve the problem by speaking with manager and associate about their dis honesty towards a customer and to allow customer to continue shopping at this store and other dollar stores without any problems from the manager and associate.
Twil A
September 8, 2023
I bought a twin size set of sheets for granddaughter late afternoon on 9/6 as a birthday gift Upon washing and folding that night I discovered a snag in the pillowcase from top of sewn seam all the way down. I ATTEMPTED to take that back to exchange for one that is NOT damaged. First I was told I needed to bring it all back, THEN she changed it to I couldn’t return it at all. WHY, it is defective/damaged. She didn’t care, said I I couldn’t return for replacement at ANY store. That is NOT true…it was DEFECTIVE. I told her not allowing a replacement item is a thief to me of which she then called ME a thief. Since when does a customer have to keep defective merchandise. Very unprofessional employee and I will never buy again and discourage all I know. Replace item with NON DAMAGED same item.

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