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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
August 28, 2023

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Incident date: August 28, 2023


Russell Wagner
November 5, 2023
I bought a Marine Corps. birthday hat from a company called Vincustom from an add on Facebook! When I received the hat, it was worst quality ever, the writing on the hat is hardly readable. I sent them an email requesting a refund. They won’t answer my emails, or issue a refund. After many emails to them, they offered me a free t-shirt. I don’t want a t-shirt. I did not get what I purchased, they say satisfaction, I am not satisfied with the piece of trash hat they sent me. A company that disrespects the Military and Veterans, and rip them off should not be allowed on Facebook. Get me a refund, and I would like Facebook not to allow ripoff company’s to advertise on Facebook! Let’s be fair and honest!
October 12, 2023
I was trying to post some pictures of my best friend birthday and did not know I was suspended from using Instagram and Facebook. They pulled an old post from 2018 and told me it was against the community standard. I don’t understand why they waited until 2023 to tell me that. I felt it was not a valid reason to suspended me from Instagram and Facebook behind something that was not recent. I want them to stop digging into my old posts from years ago since I am not posting anything bad as of now. I want them to remove me from suspension since it is not a valid reason to suspend me now.
Jamie D
August 28, 2023
For OVER 9 MONTHS I’ve been emailing Facebook Support regarding a ‘block’ on my Business Page. I have emailed them around 60 times but keep getting lied-to, conflicting answers and told to keep waiting! This issue has put a complete stop to my Business audience growth and I have felt a ton of stress, sadness and frustration over it! – I feel like this is appalling behaviour for a company like Facebook and I am absolutely disgusted by it!! …I was told that I had a ‘Unique Bug’ in my account, which was preventing people from receiving invitations to join my Business’s Private Group. I was informed the issue was being escalated to the ‘Engineering Team’ to be resolved. I first raised the issue in Nov 2022 but have been given endless excuses, lies and pointless generic-responses since! I just can’t understand why this problem cannot be addressed!!! By fixing the issue! …By removing the ‘Unique Bug’ they said I have in my account and making it possible for me to invite people from my Business Page to be received into my Private Group again!

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