Domino’s Pizza

Bad – based on 2 reviews

201 N Main St Ste 300
Saint Charles, MO 63301-2878

(636) 947-4433

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Domino’s Pizza — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
August 26, 2023
Incident date: August 26, 2023


Wonda K
October 8, 2023
If you call the local number you get the call center where people barely can speak English, if you go to the store in person to order they charge you double. Poor business practices plain and simple. Do a better job discontinue the call center
Lisa Bryan
August 28, 2023
My son picked up our order and upon arriving home there were no icing cups of which I ordered 4 extra on a $71.75 ticket. I had to drive back into town which is a 30 minute drive round trip from my house using my gas money again to get the same order. When asked to speak to manager the worker slammed the sliding door. The manager came and I told him we had items left out of our order and wanted to know how he could make it right seeing how I now has wasted double the gas and my personal time for their mistake, which happens almost every time we order from there. The manager obnoxiously said he could give me an extra icing. So the 50 cent icing was supposed to make it right? This is absolutely absurd, I am getting so sick of ordering from them and almost every time something is either left out or just plain wrong. I’m about ready to just take my business somewhere else. I feel that I needed to send this complaint after letting it go so many other times because I’m sure I am not the only one this is happening to. Refund my order

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