Direct Express

Direct Express Direct Express PO Box 75000 Detroit, MI 48275-0001 (888) 741-1115
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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
August 29, 2023

Direct Express

Direct Express

PO Box 75000

Detroit, MI 48275-0001

(888) 741-1115

Incident date: August 29, 2023


September 3, 2023
On Friday, September,1 2023 I attempted to login to my Direct Express account on the mobile app like I have many times previously never having a problem before. After I attempted to login I received a message stating that my Direct Express card was NOT VALID AND TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE at their phone number provided on the back of my card. MY Social Security Check and my SSI CHECK WERE DEPOSITED INTO MY DIRECT EXPRESS ACCOUNT and I can’t withdraw any of my money now and I have bills to pay that are due now. I have ATTEMPTED TO CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR DIRECT EXPRESS NUMEROUS TIMES ONLY TO GET A AUTOMATED SERVICE AND TO BE PUT ON HOLD FOR EXTENDED AMOUNTS OF TIME WITH NO REPLY OR ANSWER FROM DIRECT EXPRESS CUSTOMER SERVICE. I NO BOTH MY SSI CHECK AND SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK WERE DEPOSITED INTO MY DIRECT EXPRESS ACCOUNT CAUSE I CHECKED IT PREVIOUSLY THE DAY BEFORE AND I WAS ABLE TO USE MY CARD THEN. In 2021 I became a Victim of Identity Theft and have had many issues where I have had problems getting my money from my previous accounts and this is the reason why I Switched to the Direct Express Account and Direct Express Card because figured I and my Account would be safe and I could or would be Relieved knowing my money and Sanity would be SAFE. I WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT IF YOU COULD OR WOULD RESOLVE THIS ISSUE AS LIKE I STATED ABOVE I HAVE BILLS TO PAY AND THEY ARE NOW DUE! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME IN MY ISSUE HERE. Please fix this issue by making my card once again VALID SO I CAN WITHDRAW MY MONEY AND PAY MY BILLS THAT ARE DUE NOW.
Mary Topson
August 29, 2023
I went to retrieve $800 dollars off of my Direct Express debit card to include a $3 fee charged using Chase Bank’s ATM at a local Chase Bank and I never received the money. This was my rent money. I normally get a receipt when making such transactions but didn’t receive one this time. I tried to reach out to Direct Express at lease ten times on May 1. 2023. They could not connect me to a customer service representative.due to what they call a heavy call volume. I want that $800 placed back on my debit card.

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