Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty Choice Home Warranty 2147 State Route 27 Fl 4 Edison, NJ 08817-3365 (888) 531-5403
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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
September 3, 2023

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty

2147 State Route 27 Fl 4

Edison, NJ 08817-3365

(888) 531-5403

Incident date: September 3, 2023


September 3, 2023
On 8/25 Choice Home Warranty sent out a Technician from Better Business to diagnostic my air conditioner. The technician disconnected my pool condensor and did not turn it back on. I decided to go swimming on the 27th of August and my pool has turned dark green. The reason is he did not turn the condensor back on and did not let me know either. Now my pool is green, and I just paid this summer to get my pool acid wash and clean. He turned the pump of and we did not realize it until three days later, after we discoverd the pool was green. As a professional air conditioner technician, he should not had to touch my pool condensor that regulate my pool only. I am having problem with Choice Warranty with my air conditioner and getting my pool back into the conditioning it was. Clean with blue water. I am not going to pay for someone else to come to my home and practicing on my equipment and mess up the whole thing. I am seeking compensation for my pool are put it back to the condiioner it was in. I have photoes of my pool and when I paid 900.00 in May 2023 to get my pood acid wash and clean for the summer. And Choice hired some negligence person to damage my pool. I wanted fix the way it was before he came over here. The Parks Family. I ask them to fix my pool the way it was before he came over here and turned off everrthing and did not turned it back on. Me and my family was on a small vacations and when I got home he stated that he had been here and forgot to turn my pool condensor back on.

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