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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
November 28, 2023

We are one of the fastest growing money cleaning company in the worldwide. We specialized in cleaning anti breeze bank notes and stained black money with SSD solution chemical and powder, and our expert team consists of specialist scientists as well as laboratory technicians with well-trained knowledge in as specialized in the field. We now serve in the USA,AFRICA, UAE, UK, Europe, Middle East, North and South Asia just to mentioned a few with over 100 offices worldwide. Our Company have been in existence since 1997 approved by the federal mint We provide services in our sky blue laboratories for cleaning black notes. Our laboratory is built up with professionals and experience We clean any color of defaced currencies. Our S.S.D universal automatic solution it’s also used in the cleaning stained bank notes with anti breeze quality, bills like DOLLARS, EURO, POUND and other currencies. We are direct supplier of all kinds of Solutions which include S.S.D Solution, Automatic Solution. We have different types of Solutions that can perfectly clean out anti-breeze Deface note. all kinds of Stamped notes and also deface notes. If you have problems with coagulated or frozen chemical, we can defrost or replace at a reasonable price. and our services are professional. we have save many lives broken families that have been wandering around the world for years sky blue laboratory will not hesitate to help you too.

Incident date: November 28, 2023


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