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Aaron Minc Attorney — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
October 20, 2023

Aaron Minc is a nationally recognized leader in the specialized area of Internet defamation and is known as the go-to attorney for the most malicious and challenging Internet defamation crises. His work is on the technological forefront of removing damaging content from the Internet, combating defamatory cyberattacks, and uncovering identities of anonymous Internet users. Aaron has developed cost-effective cutting-edge legal solutions for his clients’ most pressing and damaging online problems, while providing them with the peace of mind that these intrusive matters have been resolved.

Incident date: October 20, 2023


Harry Crumb
October 21, 2023
Everyday searches have led me to find the scoop on Aaron Minc. He’s the largest defamation attorney on the internet. I wanted to make sure I was dealing with a good honest attorney/firm. I was hoping to get the help I set out for, before I came across REPZE.COM: aka Vikramsinh Parmar. Most importantly what I found out was Aaron’s involvement with Vikramsinh Parmar. Vikramsinh Parmar has been listed as the largest scam artist on the internet. I am not surprised the largest defamation attorney, “YOUR REPUATION IS IN GOOD HANDS”, yeah right is besties and share connections on professional and personal levels, with the largest scum bag on the internet. Do I need to mention his name again? I hope everyone is sitting down when they read this: https://fintelegramrevealed.com/is-vikram-parmar-aka-vikramsinh-parmar-the-gripeo-dirtyscam-owner/ Are you floored like I am? I can promise you this I will never hire Aaron Minc or his firm to help me. If I would have inquired, he probably would have sent me over to Repze.com anyways and I would have got screwed no matter what. That A rating on this page, will soon dwindle to a B, then a C, then a D, to where you belong an F, because you are no better than the scum bag bestie slime ball you have connections with.

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