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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
August 25, 2023

In 2001 our CEO Bryan Muthig started A2 Hosting from a two-room office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  With a mission to help the world succeed online, he wanted to make it easier for people to thrive on the internet. Fast forward almost two decades later, Muthig has used his passion and strong technical background as a UNIX systems administrator to build a global hosting company. Even with this rapid growth, A2 Hosting hasn’t strayed far from our roots. With over 200 hundred teammates and a variety of data centers around the globe, we use our knowledge, skills, and resources to help other people bring their digital visions to life every day and we want to help you too! After all, if Bryan can dream it and achieve it, what’s stopping you?

Incident date: August 25, 2023


August 29, 2023
We have had three service tickets put in since December 12 for the tech support supervisor to contact us in connection with an unusual password reset gone wrong. In no case have we received the promised phone call. We had arranged with A2Hosting tech support for a specific call in which an additional COVID-tested individual was with us on our end to help ensure we would retrieve everything correctly, but A2Hosting’s supervisor did not make his end of the appointment. A2Hosting will not contact us, and for a set of related reasons we are not able to go into the account at all. We also cannot ascertain what A2Hosting’s billing was trying to ask us.

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