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442 Quincy Ave
Braintree, MA 02184-1344

(781) 356-6627


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Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
October 9, 2023
Incident date: October 9, 2023


October 9, 2023
A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I began looking for a new car. While searching online,we found a car @ Quirk on in I called the dealership to find out information on the car.l discussed plans with the salesman about making a trip up to the dealership to view the car and talk about a possible purchase. This dealership is over an hour away from my home, so I wanted to make sure the trip was going to be worth my time & effort. The salesman & I set up a day & time for me to view the car. The very next day, my wife was checking online to look at more information on the car we planned to make a trip to see. When she came to the spot where the car should have been listed,the website said it was no longer available. My wife called me at work to tell me that she didn’t think the dealership had the car anymore. I called the dealership right away and the salesman assured me that the car was still there. He said that they had to rotate online listings, because they had so many to post. The following day, my wife & I packed up our 6 month old & headed out for our trip to Braintree. When we got to the dealership, we did not see the car anywhere. I went in to speak to the salesman I had been dealing with over the phone. He said the car was still there on the lot. He took my license information so I could take the car for a test drive. He picked up a set of keys & we made our way out on the lot. We walked around the entire lot & the car was not there! (What car were the keys for, that the salesman brought outside with us?!)The salesman started trying to bring my attention to other vehicles on the lot.I questioned him on the car we drove all the way here to see. He said he didn’t know where it went. He said it must have been sold that morning.(Once again, what car did the keys he brought with him belong to?!) The salesman asked me to come back into the building with him to discuss what to do next.I continued to question him about the car that we had just spoken on the phone about, the day before. He said it was gone.but he had other cars I may be interested in on the lot.I was furious! This salesman was well aware that I was traveling more than an hour to come and look at this car. He was also aware when I spoke to him the day before about the car not being online anymore,that it was gone. It was a scam! A scam to get me up to the dealership & maybe buy a car, since I did travel more than an hour to get there.I was lied to and tricked.I would NEVER buy anything from such a dishonest place of business. To warn other consumers of what they may encounter at Quirk Pre-owned.

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