Stay Away From These Horrible Web Hosting Companies


The only problem we had with Godaddy was the server was down 90 percent of the time. This means our website was down 90 percent of the time By


The only problem we had with Hostgator was someone email them said they did not like what was said about there company and they was going to sue Hostgator. Hostgator sent us a email told us we have 24 hours to remove the post or they will be a suspension on your hosting account. so we backup our website and moved to new hosting company.


We sign up and bought there hosting plan called Cloud Startup for 19.99 per month and it says you can host 300 Websites and it comes with 200 GB NVMe Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth and Maximum Performance (Up to 10x) The only problem we had with Hostinger was there hosting plan Cloud Startup for 19.99 per month does not let you host up to 300 websites ONLY one website and it all depends on how big website is they don’t tell you that when you sign up and pay them. Next someone filed a DMCA complaint thats what Hostinger said but when I ask them to send me over the DMCA complaint so i an file a DMCA counter notice so we can send it over to the person that filed it to tell them if we do not get a court notice within 10 days it will be restored back on our servers. Hostinger said they can not give us that information because they have to protect the victim. before we got the DMCA email from Hostinger we sent them email asking them why are they adverting on there Cloud Startup for 19.99 per month that you get to host 300 websites when this was not true. They never reply back 24 hours later we get this DMCA complaint that they will not send to us that we are entitled to. We backup our site and moved to a new hosting company.

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