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Fred Loya Insurance — Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Trust Lobby® filed the complaint
November 20, 2023

Fred Loya Insurance offers affordable car insurance, customized for your needs. Our agents are ready to help with your policy. Get a quote! Our commitment to providing fast, dependable service and competitive rates for general auto insurance has made us one of the fastest growing auto insurance groups in America.

Incident date: November 20, 2023


Kellie Rau
November 20, 2023
I have been with Fred Loya for a while and at the very beginning when I got the insurance for my truck I told the women and a man in the office that I want my payment due on the first of EVERY MONTH !! But they do not wait until the first of EVERY MONTH they start texting me on 25th and on the 26th they run the payment through my checking account and there is NO MONEY IN THAT ACCOUNT UNTIL THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH so I’ll get charged for overdraft fees and I’m on disability and again THERE IS NO MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT UNTIL THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH !!!!!! I have called numerous numerous times and they still have not changed it !!!! Now they have texted me 2 DAYS AGO stating that my insurance payment is due !!! THAT IS A LIE AND I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HOW YOU ALL RUN THIS BUSINESS !!!!!! On the 18th is when I received that text and again yesterday and AGAIN TODAY !!!!!!! One more time and the LAST time THERE IS NO MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT UNTIL THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH !!!!!! When I went to Fred Loya the first time I told them that I want my payment due on the first and the day I was there was 2 or 3 days to the first of the month they told me NO PROBLEM YOUR PAYMENT WILL BE DUE ON THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH !!!! But have they billed me and got payment out of account on the first ???? NO NO NO !!!!!! I’m highly upset mad pissed off with this company !!!!!! AND YOU ALL HAVE THE NERVE TO TEXT ME ON THE 18th the 19th and the 20th of November to collect payment for my insurance that’s NOT DUE UNTIL THE FIRST OF DECEMBER AND EVERY MONTH BEFORE AND AFTER DECEMBER 1st ???????? If this PROBLEM IS NOT STRAIGHTENED OUT ASAP TODAY I WILL DROP MY INSURANCE AND REPORT THIS TO QUIT A FEW PLACES FIRST ONE IS BBB AND YOU DEFINITELY WILL HAVE BAD BAD REMARKS ABOUT THIS COMPANY !!!!!!! I AM EXTREMELY MAD PISSED OFF AND VERY AGGREVIATED AT THIS COMPANY !!!!!! FIX THIS BAD PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY TODAY OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAYMENT SND I WILL DEFINITELY GO TO ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY !!!!!’ Another thing I was told 7-8 years ago that my insurance payment would drop significantly with 90 days THAT DID NOT HAPPEN !!!!! When I asked about it they did not know what to say to me and I kept asking about it Then their excuse is “WELL I THINK BECAUSE MAYBE INSURANCE RATES WENT UP”that’s another LIE !!!!! ALL OF THIS IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS !!!!! What are you going to tell me about WHY my insurance payments are not lowered ??? YOU WILL SAY THE SAME THING AS THEY TOLD ME AT THE OFFICE !!!!!! If ALL of this mess that YALL HAVE CREATED is NOT straightened out by the end of today I’m going to ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY !!! Your rating from me IS A 0 !!! YALL CREATED THIS PROBLEM SO FIX IT OR IM LEAVING FRED LOYA !!!!!

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